Monthly Archives: July 2011

This is it!

After some difficulties we finally got everything sorted out. I wasn’t able to get in touch with our first recruiter so I decided to just talk to another since I really needed to get the ball rolling. Turns out none of our information was in the system! After a bunch of technical difficulties I was finally able to get our applications and information approved! We’ll officially be at orientation Wednesday August 3rd!!! Woohoo! I’m SO excited and nervous! I can’t wait!

Just my luck

We received the hard copy of our license yesterday! & I got sick today! We’re planning to go to orientation Wednesday so I just pray with lots of medicine and vitamins I will be well enough. I’m feeling very foggy so that’s all for now!

That was Easy!

After a few days of me stressing hardcore about the hazmat exam I got a 100!! Russ ONLY got a 92! hahahaha. I read some forums online about how ridiculously hard it is so I basically decided to memorize that section in the book! All the classes & divisions … EVERYTHING. Ha It was the easiest test I’ve taken in the CDL process! I am SO happy & relieved. So now we wait for our hard copy to come in the mail. And we should be off. Woohoo!

Russ is Happy