Daily Archives: August 3, 2011


I’m worn out!! We got to the hotel yesterday afternoon and we were SO tired from all the packing & getting ready we went to bed about 7. I don’t know if it was nerves or what but I was only able to sleep till 12! & Russ only slept till 1. We decided to get up and get ready and explore the town. Not much to explore! haha. Anyways, the first day went well. We passed our physical tests & the road test. Which was just driving an automatic a few miles. We didn’t even have to do any backing! Easy peasy! Oh but I do think I damaged my kidneys! We were told at 7am we’d be doing drug tests soon so drink up. We ended up doing ours at almost 12. The bad part was twice while I was waiting I had to go so bad it was painful. I wasn’t allowed to just do the drug test or skip in line (I was at the end of the line and there were about 50 people there) and I was told that if I did pee and couldn’t pee for the test I was out of luck. The nurses would be gone. So yea I drank a ton of water. Literally. Anyhoo that was the worst part of the day. The best part was having¬†absolutely¬†no trouble on my physical. I was required to push 50lbs and I did 51! haha shew! There were quite a few people who couldn’t pass the physical & were sent home. That’s heartbreaking. Soo on to day two tomorrow! I think the hardest part of that will be staying awake! So I’m trying to stay up a little longer so I can get some sleep tonight. I felt so bad for some of the people there. They didn’t get in from the greyhound till almost 3 this morning! I’m so glad we drove! Yesterday and today we said we were going to longhorn but still haven’t mustered up the energy. Maybe tomorrow! Hmmm… I think that’s all. Oh I’m so tired!