Daily Archives: August 6, 2011

Well, we’re still here!

All we need are our transcripts from school. I believe after that we’re hired. I don’t want to get my hopes up but there are other people staying and their rooms aren’t being paid for. Also Russ was told he has a trainer in Louisiana. So that’s definitely a good sign! We’ve enjoyed seeing everyone getting their trucks. The brand spanking new one are awesome! I would be beside myself!! On another note, since there’s not a lot to eat here & we have been hearing about this Mexican restaurant down the road we decided to try it. It was terrible! The cheese dip & guacamole were sour & Russ didn’t enjoy his meal either. That’s not what turned me off to this place though. I looked up at the ceiling and it was covered in water spots with mold all over it. Ugh I want to vomit thinking about it. Anyways, I did get to sleep till 8 today! It felt so good!