Daily Archives: September 4, 2011

Almost done!

I’m happy to say in about a week we’ll be upgrading and getting our new truck!! Everything has gone great for me so far! I got lucky and got an awesome trainer. I’ve had a wonderful time and lots of learning experiences. I am my trainers first trainee so everything has been new to both of us! I’ve been to so many places. Upper new york was beautiful! I even got to see Canada! New Jersey was a headache though. Make one wrong turn and you’re screwed. fortunately I had my trainer to help watch the signs. It’s so easy to get lost there. I’ve realized I really need glasses. Even though I could pass the test by reading the letters on the wall I have to get too close to the signs to read them. That’s not good when I see I have to get over several lanes very fast! I’ve gotten a taste of the bad situations we’ll have to face. Like waiting 9.5 hours to get loaded or getting to a place to unload and having to wait over night because they’ve closed. But it’s all manageable. Russ hasn’t had such a good experience though. He’s on his 3rd trainer now. The first had to go home for medical reasons. The second took 6 days off right after he got on the truck but they didn’t get along anyways so he didn’t have to wait. He got his 3rd and he’s very happy with him. Third time’s a charm! All three lease so there are a few things company drivers do he’s not familiar with. They’ve also all had automaticsĀ so I told him I’ll teach him how to drive a manual! Haha! He knows how to but I’ve learned a lot I wasn’t taught in school. Like mountains and which gear matches which speed. The worst part of all of this for me is not being with him. In five years we’ve only been apart one week. So this was though! But we’re almost done!! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. They’re working! Hopefully by next Friday I’ll be posting pictures of us in our new truck! That’ll be an awesome birthday for Russ!